Anavar Cycle

Anavar Cycle

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Anavar is one of the mildest and well tolerated anabolic steroids. For this very reason it is common as an introduction to anabolic steroids, used by women and can be used by men in cutting and bulking cycles for fairly long periods with little or no adverse side effects. An Oxandrolone cycle is common amongst those who have never used anabolic steroids and want a compound that causes little side effects and is also orally active. This is where an Anavar cycle comes in nicely. For years (and currently) women choose Anavar because it doesn’t cause many permanent side effects and is probably the most common anabolic steroid used by women currently.

Used by women in low doses where it becomes far more cost effective than it does in men, it’s a staple within the elite athlete community and female bodybuilding circles. A safe and orally ingestible compound for females, it is used in doses of around 10-20mg every day. Unfortunately, due to its versatility and low side effects it’s an extremely expensive steroid, when compared to other androgens and because of this Oxandrolone is one of the most counterfeited steroids currently. With a high price, dealer’s choice to pass of a mixture of other steroids as Oxandrolone or Anavar, as you can imagine this can cause serious problem with those who are wanting to importantly use an Anavar cycle.

When to use an Anavar cycle?

Due to its diversity Oxandrolone can be used alone and in combination with other steroids, oral or injectable. Originally given to a wide range of patients and given to them alone with little adverse sides, it can also be used effectively alone nowadays and is. Used alone as an “Anavar only cycle”, its effective at what goals you have in mind, but more suited for cutting in males and bulking/cutting in females. Oxandrolone can also be used efficiently in combination with other androgens, if they’re toxic or non-toxic, it doesn’t matter much. It can also be used by both sexes to break through a plateau or sticking point after months of continues use of steroids. Because Anavar increases strength dramatically it is suited at this role well in both men and women.

Used alone in an Anavar only cycle

As previously stated, Anavar is a very versatile compound when compared to other orals. Although Anavar will almost certainly cause a reduction in endogenous testosterone levels when used, even in small doses, it can still be used alone. Why? There are two main reasons.

  • It doesn’t decrease endogenous testosterone that much. This means the user can maintain a moderate level of testosterone even in male doses of 80mg every day and not worry about losing their sex drive or ability to sustain an erection. A decrease in testosterone or low testosterone can cause other side effects, such as lack of strength, muscle mass, impaired health, gynecomastia from an estrogen imbalance, loss of confidence and onset of fatigue. Most of these sides will not be experienced in an Anavar cycle so the user not need worry.
  • Anavar, otherwise known as Var and Oxandrolone is a DHT derived steroid. What does that mean? It means that the side effects discussed above are even less of a worry because DHT derived steroids will cause an increase in sex drive energy, erections, strength and limit estrogenic side effects because of their primary androgenic nature.

An Example of an Anavar or Oxandrolone only cycle would be, 60-80mg every day for 5-6 weeks in males and 10-20mg every day for 4-5 weeks in females. A well balanced diet is also key, high in protein, regular cardio, blood tests, balanced training program and intake of plenty of water to limit organ stress.

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A “kick start” Anavar cycle – is when a steroid user is going to use something other than the “kick starting” steroid in their cycle as a main steroid or the backbone of it. This is usually a testosterone derived steroid; such as Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate which is used for far longer than the “kick start” (8-10 weeks). This is done because often the primary steroid takes a number of weeks or months to fully become active in the blood and give the user its main positive effects. So a secondary steroid is used that “kicks in” far quicker and is often an oral, such as Anavar. At a dose of 80mg every day for the first 5-6 weeks of the steroidal cycle is common or used for the duration of the cycle (if 6-8 weeks) when cutting. You can also increase the dose of Anavar over time to compensate for the tolerance the body will begin to build if need be.

Oxandrolone comes in. Clinical data states introducing more anabolic and androgenic steroids can help us bust through this plateau or taking a break from the said steroid(s). This isn’t the only way, changing your diet and also training style will help. Using HIT instead of high volume would benefit the user, adding a strength phase where 1-3 heavy reps are used with warm ups also, but its best to change a lot of variables and adding something like Anavar will really benefit you.

Cutting – This is where Anavar is most effective and efficient because it increases lipolysis and thermogenesis, metabolic rate, the uptake of T3 and fat oxidation meaning it burns like butter through unwanted adipose and visceral fat. Oxandrolone is a steroid able to preserve muscle mass/tissue when calorie restricted or dieting phases too. It is such a powerful anabolic steroid for fat loss that is has been shown to reduce fat mass and increase fat free mass (muscle) in untrained individuals, not many other steroids can claim that accolade. So now we know it’s perfect for cutting that fat and getting a six pack how do we use it for cutting? Simple, can be used alone at 60-80mg every day in males and 10-20mg every day in females for 5-7 weeks or in combination with other androgens that will complement its effects… More on that later.

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Bulking – I’m afraid there isn’t going to be much in this small chapter as Anavar is not ideal for bulking in males, but can be done. The reasons it isn’t because it’s a relatively weak steroid so large doses are need of upwards of 80-100mg every day and for sustained periods of 8 or so weeks, which means toxicity will build. It’s also an expensive androgen anyhow, so large doses are going to burn even more of a hole in your pocket. For women, it’s a totally different animal, its ideal due to its low anabolic and androgenic nature; it’s mild, not toxic and doesn’t cause much virilisation. Doses are 10-20mg every day but more will cause an increase in muscle growth, but also side effects.

Stacking – Oxandrolone can also be used with other anabolic steroids in synergy meaning they complement each other. It is an ideal anabolic agent to use with other steroids such as Sustanon, Testosterone Propionate and can be used with other orals in low combined doses like Dianabol, Winstrol and Anadrol, though this isn’t advised. Anavar, because of its wide variety of effects can be applied to your goals whether they’re cutting or bulking or you’re male or female. It’s one of the mildest compounds available to the steroid user and for that reason it can be used for long period if blood work is done and organs and blood pressure is checked regularly. It is not unheard of to run Anavar for 10 or so weeks increasing the dose over time to prevent the onset of a tolerance building up with a testosterone preparation, such as Sustanon.

Bridging of using Anavar during PCT – This is a fairly new idea that because Anavar does not inhibit the natural testosterone system dramatically, it can be used efficiently during post cycle therapy (PCT). It’s not a new idea; the logic comes from Dianabol used during PCT at a small AM dose of 10mg every day. Due to Anavar not being over ally suppressive to natural testosterone output this theory could hold some water. Because of genetic predisposition, we cannot tell how much Anavar will inhibit the body’s own testosterone, so it may prove problematic. PCT is a time where testosterone restoration is paramount and causing further suppression with a small barely noticeable dose of Anavar seems poorly thought out in my opinion. If you’re able to sustain a moderate testosterone level on an effective Oxandrolone dose, then fine, but many are not, which means this theory and protocol is counterproductive.

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