Anavar Dosage for Men and Female

Anavar Dosing

As Anavar is one of the most versatile anabolic steroids in existence, its dosing isn’t hard to formulate at all. As ever Anavar dosage will depend on a number of factors, but because the site effects associated with Anavar are so low, its use is well tolerated by males and females and side effects (if experienced) are low to moderate. The usual variables need to be taken into account as Anavar is still a toxic steroid after all and its use should be limited to what is needed. Age, sex, goals, past steroid experience, diet and health should all determine what dose of Anavar should be used and also for how long.

Male Anavar Dosing

Anavar is used by males in a wide range of circumstances. First off Anavar can be used in cutting phases alone or in combination. A cutting cycle or stack of Oxandrolone is probably the most common amongst males because it’s a relatively weak anabolic steroid when compared to its competitors in gaining lean body mass. However, it is used by males in mass phases as it’s a good androgen to increase strength and therefore ideal to be used to break plateaus in mass when a cycle stagnates. It is also used to harden muscles when bodybuilders are calorie restricted or during pre-competition phases. It can be taken even on the final day of a competition as it does not causes water retention (aromatase) or extracellular changes in the body where water may be stored.

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Unfortunately, it’s one of the most expensive steroids on the market and seeing as males need to use far larger doses than females do, it’s not the anabolic when looking at it from a cost perspective. This is, again, often why the drug is not used widely by males. When it is used it’s mainly for cutting or as an introduction to anabolic steroids by those under the advised age of 22-25 years of age. Anavar is not very inhibitive to the HPTA (system responsible for natural testosterone output) so it is a good introduction to the world of anabolic steroids. It does not raise estrogen and aromatase so cannot cause growth plate closure either.

Effective doses for Oxandrolone in males for cutting periods is anywhere from 40-80mg every day. More is needed during mass phases, which highlights the cost comparison to other better suited anabolic steroids. For mass a dose of 80-120mg every day is suggested but will yield keep able gains in lean body mass. We also have to remember that high doses will increase the likelihood or attracting more side effects. Whereas Anavar is not a particularly toxic anabolic steroid when compared to others, the risks of side effects increase with the dose. We will get to a point of diminishing returns where a high Anavar dose will not mean; more gains. But will mean – more side effects. These side effects can be then controlled using other medications, or lowering the Anavar dose to suit the user. This is about getting the maximum amount of gains with the least amount of side effects.

Female Anavar Dosing

As discussed above the use of Anavar in males for bulking or growth phases is not ideal or optimal, the use of Anavar in females is fine and advised for those wishing to take their physique to the next level and are prepared to use anabolic steroids to get there. It’s a perfectly suited drug for women as it’s not an over anabolic or androgenic steroid which means low side effects for women. Some of the site effects for women can be permanent, such as virilisation, but if Anavar is used correctly, not abused and not used for extended periods, this is highly unlikely.

Doses for women range from 10-20 mg every day, considerably less than male dosing and these doses can be used by women for offseason or growth phases but just like any steroid its use should be limited to a time frame because of side effects. When doses of Oxandrolone tend to increase in women the risk of virilisation symptoms will also increase significantly. If the total dose of Anavar increases so will other side effects, such as impaired lipid profile, HPTA inhibition, increase blood pressure, acne and stress to vital organs, including liver and kidneys. Generally, Anavar should be used for around 6 weeks at an acceptable dose for their goals and not abused.

What should I Expect?

Regardless of sex there are some key effects Anavar will have on the user; these positive attributes are detailed below:

  • Harder muscles
  • Increase in muscle mass and strength
  • Lean tissue preservation
  • Tissue regeneration (illness, disease)
  • Increase rate of fat loss (lipolysis, elevated metabolic rate)

Regardless of the duration Anavar is used or how much is used (total comulative dose) these effects will enhance the user or athlete. As discussed above, larger doses cause more of an effect, both positive and negative. Anavar is a good compound when used correctly by males and females and the gains are easily attainable in both sexes.

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