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Anavar Steroid has been on the market for many years. First developed by Searle Laboratories in the 1960’s, this drug is now a Pfizer product. Unlike many other steriods, this drug is probably the safest male performance steroid that can be taken today. Various studies have shown that there is merely a mild, barely-noticeable effect on the liver when taking this steroid. Much like any other steroid, this is a maligned product. These drugs, if used properly, will not lead to the dangerous side effects that many are concerned about. The key, of course, is to use them correctly.

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Also known as Oxandrolone, this steroid is accepted for a wide amount of uses. In the past it has been used to promote muscle growth in burn victims and in those fighting HIV or Cancer. This steroid is able to promote muscle growth in small doses without the normal detrimental side effects to the liver. Like any other steroid, users must make sure they exercise some caution when taking it, but studies have shown that the side effects are not as major. There are many ways to buy this drug as well. It can be bought from a doctor, bought on the black market, bought from an acquaintance at the gym, or even made yourself. Some of these options are very dangerous, and some are inconvenient or expensive. Perhaps the least complicated method of purchase would be to buy Anavar online because it would first of all cut out the middle man and would allow the buyer to purchase it without a prescription. When perusing Anavar For Sale listings a buyer should always ensure that they are dealing with a legitimate source.

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